Roderick Mack Polemarch - Huntsville Alumni Chapter

Roderick Mack
Polemarch - Huntsville Alumni Chapter

Polemarch's Father's Day Greeting to Brothers and Visitors!

Roderick Mack  - Huntsville (AL) Alumni Chapter Polemarch

Greeting Brothers,

This Sunday, June 17, 2018 is Father’s Day. A special day when we celebrate the men who have been instrumental to the development and nurturing of our lives. A father is that rock solid foundation which a family is built on. A father’s role is critical in influencing their child’s growth emotionally, socially, intellectually and

My father always said that any man can father a child, but it takes a real father to leave a legacy which their sons and daughters can be proud of reflecting. Let’s also pray for the fathers for one reason or another that are estranged from their love ones. The Huntsville Alumni Chapter have many brothers whom are great role models as Fathers. I wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day and my our Lord continue to bless you with the love, knowledge and wisdom which he has bestowed upon Fathers to pass down to their children for generations to come.

Yours in the Bond,


Roderick Mack
Polemarch, Huntsville (AL) Alumni Chapter
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.

2018-2019 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. - Huntsville Alumni Chapter Officers

Polemarch: Roderick Mack 

Vice Polemarch: Willie Brazile 

Keeper of Records:  Rontario Hicks

Asst. Keeper of Records: Jay Miller

Keeper of Exchequer: Foster Gaddis

Asst. Keeper of Exchequer: Matthew Frost

Strategus: Alvin Rankins

Lt. Strategus: Adrian King

Historian: James Bosley

Reporter: Charles Owens

Membership Training Academy: Stephen Cephus, Chairman with Christopher Calhoun, Sr., and Foster Gaddis

Board of Directors: Carlen Chestang, Jr., Otis Harris, and Greg Simpson

2017-18 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. - Huntsville Alumni Chapter Officers

Polemarch: Carlen "Sonny" Chestang, Jr.

Vice Polemarch: Jimmy Valrie

Keeper of Records: Cedric D.Cole

Keeper of Exchequer: Foster L. Gaddis

Asst. Keeper of Records: Paul Chaney

Asst. Keeper of Exchequer: Marius Dockery

Strategus: Jerry "JJ" Thomas

Lt. Strategus: Dell Cummings

Historian: Efrem Hanson

Reporter: Charles "Chuck" Owens

Membership Training Academy: Steven Cephus (Chairman), Jason M. Jones and Foster L. Gaddis

Board of Directors: John W. Beale, Christopher J. Calhoun, Sr. and Otis Harris



2017-18 Committees

  1. Kappa League: Brother McCann & Brother Brown
  2. Political Action: Brother Showers
  3. Annual Football Camp: Brother Matthews
  4. Investment: Brother Bolden
  5. Bylaws: Brother Cummings & Brother Beale
  6. Kappa Foundation: Brother Jones
  7. Nominations: Brother McCoy & Brother Harrell
  8. Silhouette & Sweetheart Brunch: Brother Williams & Brother Harrell
  9. Senior Kappa Week & Senior Kappa Social: Brother Boyd & Brother Blackmon
  10. Family Day: Brother Cummings
  11. Senior Kappas: Brother Bosley
  12. Pan Hellenic: Brother Foster & Brother Wood
  13. Christmas Wrapping Project: Brother Valrie, Brother Mitchell & Brother Chaney
  14. Holiday Food Basket Project: Brother Valrie & Brother Jones
  15. SIDS Awareness: Brother Valrie & Brother Powell
  16. St. Judes: Brother Gaston
  17. Audit: Brother Davis & Brother Bolden
  18. Leadership Conference: Brother Valrie & Brother Dockery
  19. Taste of Kappa: Brother Miller & Brother Frost
  20. White Party: Brother Williams & Brother Byrd
  21. Housing: Brother Harris & Brother Gaston
  22. Website: Brother Brooks & Brother Cole
  23. Community Services: Brother Chestang
  24. Revival: Brother Batts & Brother Kimbel
  25. Kappa Choir: Brother Calhoun
  26. Reclamation: Brother Scruggs & Brother Valrie
  27. Health & Wellness: Brother Mack
  28. Black & White Ball: Brother Harris & Brother Lewis
  29. Founders Day: Brother Hunter & Brother Chestang
  30. J5 Social & HAC Charter Day: Brother AD King & Brother Gaddis
  31. Golf Tournament: Brother Williams & Brother Brooks

2017 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. - Huntsville Alumni Chapter 50 Year Brothers & Senior Kappas


We Honor our 50 Year Brothers and Our Senior Kappas

John Vickers

Thornton Stanley, Sr.

Howard Robinson

Joseph Henderson

Henry Redmond

 Frank Jones

Billy Elmore

James D. Foster

Mace Neal

Robert Franklin, Jr.